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Thiourea 45KG SDR

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  • NuGenTec =: Thiourea
  • Form: White solid
  • Sizing: 1-Gal
  • CAS #: 62-56-6
  • Molecular Formula:: CH4N2S
  • Electronics Grade:: Yes
  • CAS #: 62-56-6
  • Industrial uses of thiourea include production of flame retardant resins, and vulcanization accelerators. Thiourea is used as an auxiliary agent in diazo paper (light-sensitive photocopy paper) and almost all other types of copy paper.
  • The liquid silver cleaning product TarnX is essentially a solution of thiourea. A leaching agent for gold leaching and silver leaching can be created by selectively oxidizing thiourea, bypassing the steps of cyanide use and smelting. Another common applic
  • NFPA: 3, 1, 0
  • Form: White granulated powder

Thiourea Reagent Grade, Synonyms: Thiocarbamide, Sulfourea. We offer the highest purity grades available around the world.

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