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Inorganic Chemicals

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NuGenTec offers inorganic chemicals to be utilized in product manufacturing and to companies wishing to package and resell our bulk inorganic chemicals.

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

More about NuGenTec’s Bulk Inorganic Chemicals

The types of inorganic compounds or chemical groups offered by NuGenTec include:

• Minerals:  such as salt, asbestos, silicates
• Alloys:  examples include brass and bronze
• Compounds involving non-metallic elements:  silicon, phosphorus, chlorine, oxygen and

The sulfites we offer at NuGenTec are perhaps the most important inorganic chemical preservatives.  Sulfites are more effective against molds than against yeasts and are widely used in the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Some inorganic chemicals NuGenTec offers and their best uses:
• Sodium sulfate: detergents, powder soap, textile production and production of paper
• Citric Acid:  used to add an acidic/sour taste to foods and soft drinks. Also, an environmentally 
   benign cleaning agent and antioxidant and lubricant.
• Potassium Citrate:  treat kidney stones and an ingredient in many soft drinks
• Ferrous Sulfate:  aka Iron (11) sulfate, found in many foods

Inorganic chemicals produced or sold by NuGenTec are used by numerous industries for different products, such as plastics and glass.  Inorganic chemicals come from the Earth's gases, and are primarily used in materials produced with carbon dioxide, chlorine, alkalis, nitrogen and color pigments.  Inorganic chemicals such as soda ash (sodium carbonate) and sodium chlorate offered by NuGenTec are derived from alkali and carbon matter.  These materials are eventually manufactured in the form of soaps and detergents.  Nitrogen, hydrogen and other specialty gases are usually found in electronics, aerospace and medical applications, as well as in ammonia production and oil refining.  Carbon dioxide is another inorganic chemical that is found in carbonated beverages and refrigeration processes.  Paints, coatings and metal oxides include inorganic chemicals as part of their key chemical ingredients. The inorganic chemicals at NuGenTec are an essential part of the production process for many industries.

NuGenTec’s inorganic bulk chemicals include ACS (American Chemical Society) Grade Chemicals and Reagent Chemicals.  The American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Analytical Reagents sets the specifications for most chemicals, including bulk inorganic chemicals, used in analytical testing.

Contact NuGenTec today to place an order or to learn more about our line of bulk inorganic chemicals.  You can also contact us toll free by dialing 1-888-996-8436 extension 5.