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Pearlee Lotion Soap

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NuGenTec is a authorized distributor for Bullen's cleaning products. Bullen's Truekleen opal lotion soap is a superior quality soap for quality minded people. Just the opalescence of Pearlee implies its high quality. Then in use, its pleasant feel on the skin, its deep cleaning without irritation and its pleasant fragrance confirm the fact that you really care about your clients and employees. Pearlee is not an ordinary soap. It is made of 100% coconut oil based ingredients for excellent lather and cleaning and contains natural glycerine to help moisturize the skin.

Benefits of using Pearlee Lotion Soap

  • Rich Lather: Just a drop or two produces abundant, lasting suds.
  • Depp Cleaning: 100% coconut oil based ingredients makes for superior cleaning and quick removal of stubborn soil.
  • Kind to the Skin: Retaining the glycerin in the coconut oil and adding lotionizers makes Pearlee kind to the skin.
  • Fragrance: An unobtrusive fragrance that’s pleasant to both men and women.