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Truekleen ​Antiseptic Hand & Bath Soap

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NuGenTec is a authorized distributor for Bullen's cleaning products. Bullen's Truekleen Creamedic® hand & bath soap is more than just the highest quality soap. It is made from rich lathering coconut oil and natural glycerin which is very gentle to the skin. In addition, CREAMEDIC contains PCMX, which is a proven anti-microbial agent. 

Benefits of using Creamedic® Bath & Hand Soap

  • Premier Quality: In every respect, this is the finest quality liquid hand & bath soap available, whether chosen for its hygienic effectiveness, or just because it is so nice to use.
  • Rich Lather: Made with natural coconut oil, still recognized as producing the most copious, most stable suds of all soap ingredients.
  • Lotionized: Coconut oil contains glycerine that is often extracted and sold separately. The glycerine is left intact in Creamedic soaps for their skin softening ability.
  • Higher Solids: Liquid hand soaps typically are 12 to 15% solids. Our premier Creamedic brand is 22% solids.
  • Pleasant Fragrance: Made with cosmetic grade fragrance that appeals to both men and women but dissipates so not to linger or overpower.

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  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.