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AquaKlean HDS40 1g

  • AquaKlean HDS40 1g

Part Number: hds40-1g
  • Primary Application: Spray cleaner, multi-metal, floor scrubbers with silicates to protect aluminum
  • pH: 11.4
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • Foam: none
  • NFPA: 1, 0, 0
  • Sizing: 1-Gal


NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean HDS40 is a mildly alkaline, low-foaming liquid cleaner and degreaser for use in spray and tank applications as well as floor scrubbers. AquaKlean HDS40 is safe on ferrous metals, copper, copper alloys, aluminum, and aluminum alloys. Other acceptable materials include plastics/polymers, ceramics, glass, and sumps.


AquaKlean HDS40 was formulated to provide highly efficient, cost-effective cleaning of soils, greases, shop-oils, inks, and metalworking fluids as well as drawing, buffing and lapping compounds. A built-in defoaming package (non-silicone) gives AquaKlean HDS40 very low foaming tendencies at temperatures greater than 120°F, even when