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AquaKlean EF7B

  • AquaKlean EF7B neutral pH parts cleaner


NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean EF7B is a neutral pH, aqueous liquid cleaner with moderate-foaming tendencies for use in tank applications and “sink-on-drum” parts cleaning. AquaKlean EF7B is formulated to replace hazardous solvents with a mild cleaner that degreases the dirtiest and greasiest parts. This non-VOC formula may be used in solvent replacement tanks with hand brushing operations. Other acceptable materials include plastics, ceramics and glass. 


The non-silicated and non-caustic formula will not sludge or form a scale while the mildly alkaline formula allows AquaKlean EF7B to be used as a multi-metal cleaner. AquaKlean EF7B is safe on hands and has a mild scent. 
Removes inks, polishing and buffing compounds, grease, oils, fingerprints, drawing compounds, and metalworking fluids.

Directions for Use:

AquaKlean EF7B is effective at ambient temperatures. However, it is normally used at 10 – 33% by volume of water at 110 – 190°F. The parameters can vary depending on the type and extent of soils being removed. Temperatures may be increased slightly for shorter time cycles. 

Product Benefits:

  • Multi-metal spray and tank cleaner and degreaser
  • Built in corrosion (Flash Rust) inhibitors
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Excellent micro-etch for Aluminum & Aluminum alloys
  • To the best of our