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Zenith Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Automated Cleaning Systems - Product Line 

Advantage Automated Multi-stage Cleaner:

Zenith’s patented ADVANTAGE Automation System (US  Patent 10,112,221), is designed specifically for industrial  cleaning applications and used to automate systems with  2-10 processing tanks. This unique system has been  engineered to be easy to operate while simultaneously  maximizing the cleaning performance of the machine by  including a dedicated oscillation platform on each tank  that serves to intermittently oscillate the product being  processed DURING the cleaning and rinsing process. In  addition, parts are suspended from overhead to  maximize ultrasonic performance by eliminating basket  structures under the basket which reduce ultrasonic  cleaning performance.

Transtar Automated Multi-stage Cleaner:

The Transtar Automation System is an overhead pick &  place robotic transfer system that engages with baskets  using a series of hooks, lifting and transferring them  from tank-to-tank one at a time. These systems are the  preferred choice in clean-rooms and ultra-critical  cleaning applications. 2 different versions are available;  Transtar 1 which lifts baskets using an overhead  pneumatic cylinder and is more economical and the top-  of-the-line Transtar 2 which lifts baskets using a ball  screw actuator. Both designs transfer baskets using a  servo-motor-controlled transfer device for the highest  possible accuracy. Available with 2-10 process tanks and  basket rotation

Ulramatic HV:zenith hv ultrasonic cleaner

The Ultramatic HV is a high-performance  clean/rinse/dry system that includes a number of  cleaning and rinsing technologies in a smaller package.  Ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, spray rinsing, and  cleaning/rinsing oscillation are all included, along with amulti-position conveyor which allows queuing of  multiple baskets and programmable recipe control.

Ultramatic Clean/Rinse/Dry System:

The standard Ultramatic is a lower-volume lower-cost  option to our Ultramatic HV and is designed based on  Zenith patent #4,409,999. All cleaning, rinsing, and  drying takes place in a single ultrasonically-activated  tank for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use.  Parts do not need to be transferred through multiple  tanks making the system perfect for large and heavy  parts cleaned at low volumes or other low-volume  applications. Fluids can be re-used continuously, or  replenished after each cycle with our low-cost NR  version.

VORTEX  Centrifugal Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Designed specifically for high volume zero-residue  cleaning of small parts or stampings, the Vortex is an  automated clean/rinse/dry system which includes  centrifugal rotation in all cycles to virtually eliminate  detergent drag-out into rinse baths, eliminate water  spotting, and eliminate the drying tank bottleneck  which slows the speed of the system. Baskets  typically eject every 5-7 minutes continuously,  features such as filtration, multi-position conveyors,  water quality control and more are all included.

CORONA Clean & Dry System:

The Corona is a 2-tank clean & dry system that is  designed to clean steel parts or other components not  requiring a rinse operation. Parts are cleaned using  proprietary cleaning/rust preventative agents and  immediately dried thereafter. The cleaning fluid  leaves no residues that will interfere with subsequent  painting or coating operations and the rust-  preventative properties will prevent oxidation on  parts prior to coating. This lower-cost automatedsystem is available process are enclosures and  exhaust blowers, and a host of other options

AERO-CLEAN Automated Aerospace Cleaner:

The Aero-clean is an automated clean/rinse/dry  system designed to clean high volumes of complex  aerospace parts to zero-residue cleaning results.
Ensures that all blind holes, cavities, and channels in  multiple orientations are completely clean, and
includes a multi-position drying tunnel to dry multiple  baskets simultaneously. Includes a host of options  such as a powered automated multi-position  conveyor, random recipe processor, surface particle  removal, automatic water quality maintenance,  automatic liquid maintenance, filtration, and much  more.

SATURN Automated Cleaning & Passivation System:

The Saturn series of cleaning & passivation systems  are multi-use machines that can rough clean, zero-  residue clean, or clean & passivate metal parts.
Baskets requiring any one of these processes can be  added at any time. No need to queue particular parts  for one of the included proceses This system,  available in standard 7-tank or ultra-high-volume 9-  tank versions includes both citric and nitric  passivation tanks, ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing  tanks, and high-efficiency drying tank, along with  every conceivable option such as a stainless steel  process area enclosure with fume exhaust, automatic  rinse quality maintenance, rinse collection & pump  drain systems, large touch-screen HMI, internal  process area lighting, a TRANSTAR II automation  system, automated covers, and much more. Perfect  for medical components or those companies requiring  cleaning of parts, or cleaning and passivation of parts  at any particular time of day.

MTC Multi-stage Cleaning Systems

MTC2 2-tank Cleaning System:

The MTC2 is a 2-  tank system that can include a single ultrasonic  cleaning tank and single rinse tank. When rinsing isnot required, the 2ⁿd tank can be a drying tank. This system is usable when customers do not require a  drying operation. The clean/dry tank combination is usable when customers are cleaning steel parts and  need a rust preventative.

MTC3 3-tank Cleaning System:

The MTC3 includes 3 processing tanks which are usually composed of a  single ultrasonic cleaning tank, single rinse tank, and a single drying tank. Other tank arrangements such as  single cleaning tank and dual cascade overflow rinse tanks are also available when drying is not required.

Since the standard clean/rinse/dry arrangement includes only a single rinse tank, water and detergent spots  may be present on parts after the process unless a great deal of water is used in the rinse tank to keep  detergent levels in check. Not recommended when zero-residue cleaning results are required.

MTC4 4-tank Cleaning System:

zenith multi tank cleaner

The MTC4 is the most popular Zenith multi-stage cleaning system and  includes 4 processing tanks; a single ultrasonic cleaning tank, dual cascade overflow rinse tanks, and a drying  tank. This system is capable of producing zero-residue cleaning results on parts which are lightly  contaminated with typical manufacturing residues such as cutting or machining lubricants, coolants, metal  chips and fines, and other similar contaminants. Since 2 rinse tanks are included, the amount of water  needed to maintain zero-residue cleaning results is greatly reduced.

MTC5 5-tank Cleaning System:

The MTC5 is another popular Zenith multi-stage cleaning system that  includes 5 tanks. 2 different standard formats are available; clean/clean/rinse 1/rinse 2/dry or clean/rinse  1/rinse 2/rinse 3/dry. The dual cleaning tank system is great when your parts are highly contaminated and  need 2 ultrasonic cleaning tanks to ensure that all contaminants are removed or when 2 different cleaning  fluids are needed for different parts. The triple-rinse system is for ultra-clean application where zero-  residue cleaning results are required and the customer wants to reduce water consumption as much as  possible

Standard MTC and STC Basket Sizes:

All of our multi-tank systems are based on the basket sizes  rather than tank sizes since the basket size is most important. Tanks are larger to support the basket sizes  listed.
MTC1200:  12” x 10” x 10” height
MTC2000:  20” x 12” x 14” height
MTC2400:  24” x 18” x 15” height
MTC3000:  30” x 22” x 18” height
MTC3600: 36” x 24” x 24” hight

Economy Multi-tank Systems:

When your parts  loads are less than 30 pounds and you don’t need  complex options, the economy multi-tank series might  be for you. These systems are manufactured using  table-top ultrasonic cleaners which are positioned next  to one another to produce a multi-stage cleaning  system. Support carts are available to produce a single-  piece roll-around design, but multiple power  connections are typically required in this series

Custom Multi-stage Systems:

Zenith can manufacture  multi-stage systems with any number of tanks in any  format imaginable as a custom system, and Zenith does  not charge extra for customization. We will create a
new set of 3D solid models of your system for your review prior to manufacturing and can design the system  to address your specific needs.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Table-top Cleaning Tanks:

These multi-piece  cleaning systems provide only an ultrasonic cleaning  tank, and are designed for bench-top use, although the  largest table-top system must be placed on the floor due  to its size. All systems can be operated continuously and  include a separate generator to ensure long-term  reliability under these conditions. Tanks are 14 gauge  316L stainless steel and include drain valves. Larger  tanks can be equipped with filtration systems, and all  systems are customized to include the options and  ultrasonic frequencies required.

Zenith’s No-cost Customization Program

Zenith understands that it’s standard systems are not always the perfect fit for our customers, and under  these conditions the system is customized for a particular use. At other ultrasonic vendors, custom  ultrasonic systems drastically increases cost but at Zenith, the cost for a custom system is the same as it  would be if if were a standard system. There are no engineering up-charges or additional costs. Zenith will  prepare 3D solid model representations after order placement for your review prior to