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Zenith Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Automated Cleaning Systems - Product Line 

Advantage Automated Multi-stage Cleaner:

Zenith’s patented ADVANTAGE Automation System (US  Patent 10,112,221), is designed specifically for industrial  cleaning applications and used to automate systems with  2-10 processing tanks. This unique system has been  engineered to be easy to operate while simultaneously  maximizing the cleaning performance of the machine by  including a dedicated oscillation platform on each tank  that serves to intermittently oscillate the product being  processed DURING the cleaning and rinsing process. In  addition, parts are suspended from overhead to  maximize ultrasonic performance by eliminating basket  structures under the basket which reduce ultrasonic  cleaning performance.

Transtar Automated Multi-stage Cleaner:

The Transtar Automation System is an overhead pick &  place robotic transfer system that engages with baskets  using a series of hooks, lifting and transferring them  from tank-to-tank one at a time. These systems are the  preferred choice in clean-rooms and ultra-critical  cleaning applications. 2 different versions are available;  Transtar 1 which lifts baskets using an overhead  pneumatic cylinder and is more economical and the top-  of-the-line Transtar 2 which lifts baskets using a