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Emulsion Breaker

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NuGenTec's Proprietary line of emulsion breakers are specifically formulated to destabilize both, oil-in-water and water-in-oil type emulsions when used in low treatment dosages of 50-500ppm with minimal contact time.  Not only removes the water from the emulsion but also helps in the following manners: lowers operating cost, lowers emissions, and reduces wastage and its disposal cost. 
NuFlo™ Emulsion breakers not only reduce the negative effects of emulsions but also increases the profits by recovery of material, and thereby increases the efficiency of the operator.
Benefits of NuGenTec's corrosion inhibition product line:
  • Removes oil from waste water stream
  • Removes water from petrochemical, natural oils & water-gas mixture
  • Removes solid from the sludge
  • Minimizes the wastage to store from waste system.
  • Increases equipment life and lower operating costs with a high return on investment
OFC  pipelines
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

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