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NuGenTec's line of defoamers are versatile oil pipeline and drilling defoamers capable of effectively preventing and reducing foaming in oil and gas pipelines in severe field conditions in a wide range of operations. It is effective at high temperatures and can be diluted with any hydrocarbons like diesel, crude oil, kerosene, and NuFlo™ 151

NuFlo™ Defoamers act by effectively removing entrapped air from all types of systems. NuFlo™ Defomers utilize to reduce surface tension in fluids from crudes, drilling muds, and water and oil systems. They are effective at high temperatures and pH’s. It tolerates high concentration of salts.

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.


  •  Controls foaming in oil pipelines, pumps, and oil and gas separators
  •  Controls foaming in dispersed and non-dispersed drilling fluid systems
  •  Effectively foams drilling muds containing fresh water or sea water
  •  Helps stabilize pump pressure by removing trapper air and gas, and it is environmentally safe

Defoamed liquid