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Synthetic metalworking fluid for stamping, punching, pressing, tapping and drilling

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  • Primary Application: Roll Forming and Stamping
  • pH: 10.5
  • VOC: (g/L): 51
  • Foam: 0
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NuGeneration Technologies’ NuLube Punch synthetic metalworking fluid is OIL-FREE and designed to assist in many metal cutting and machining operations on ferrous, non-ferrous, and specialty alloys including Aluminium.  NuLube Punch contains no Phenol or Nitrates and contains specialty extreme pressure lubricants that are easily disposed of.

NuLube Punch is formulated to be used in all misting operations and provide excellent surface finishes while extending tool life.  NuLube Punch is highly effective, cost-efficient, biodegradable and safe to use.   NuLube Punch assists in many metal forming operations such as rolling, pressing, and stamping.  Formulated to replace heavy-duty oil-based lubricants, NuLube Punch retains the critical properties of not smoking or evaporating away.  NuLube Punch clings to surfaces and protects against corrosion, and is easily washed away with water when subsequent painting or plating operations require a residue-free surface.

Directions for Use:
NuLube Punch is usually applied at concentrations from 10 - 100% by volume with water.  The dosing parameters can vary due to the specific stamping, punching, pressing, tapping or drilling operation.


  • Safe on ferrous, non-ferrous and specialty alloys like Aluminum
  • Stamping, pu