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NuKut SO 25C-LF

  • NuKut SO 25C-LF
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  • Primary Application: Soluble oil for CNC machining
  • pH: 9
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • Foam: Low foam
  • Coolant Type: Soluble Oil
  • Sizing: 55-Gal
  • Type: Metalworking coolant
  • NuKut SO 25 Cl-LF Extreme Heavy duty Chlorinated Soluble oil with no active sulfur or phenol. Excellent for all metals except titanium. Extend tool life with a proprietary E.P. additives and highly refined mineral oil, which leave a protective film on mac
  • NuKut SO 25 Cl-LF has been shown to improve tool life more than 50% in most operations compared to competitive products. Formulated with to not foam under even the most severe operations.
  • NFPA: 1, 1, 0
  • Form: Amber to light brown liquid

NuKut SO 25 Cl-LF - Soluble cutting oils: fluids for a variety of metalworking applications like CNC machining, drilling, grinding, honing, milling, sawing and turning, screw machines. Are designed to assist in many metal cutting and machining opera

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