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NuFlo SIC-30

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Part Number: ng-sic30
  • Type: Carbonate scale inhibitor, sulfate scale inhibitor
  • Flash Point (C): n/a
  • pH: 11.0
  • Freezing Point (C): n/a
  • NFPA: 2,0,0
  • Inhibits Carbonate and Sulfate scale formation in wells and pipelines
  • Superior to conventional polymaleic acids, acrylate polymers, and phosphonates
  • Increases water solubility of Carbonate and Sulfate salts

Remove/inhibits NORM rich Sulfate scales: BaSO4 and SrSO4NuFlo SIC-30: Carbonate, Iron, and Sulfate Scale Inhibitor

NuFlo™ SIC-30 is a high-performance scale inhibitor developed to prevent Carbonate and Sulphate scales including Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3), Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4), Barium Sulphate (BaSO4), Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) and Strontium Sulphate (SrSO4) scale deposits.  NuFlo™ SIC-30 Scale Inhibitor is a broad spectrum, high-Calcium tolerant, water-soluble scale inhibitor which has been formulated to inhibit the formation and deposition of Carbonate and Sulphate scales in oil field brines.

Scale Inhibitor Features:

  • Scale Inhibitor is stable at temperatures up to 450°F, allowing it to be used where other products may be thermally unstable.
  • Will complex with the Calcium, Magnesium, Barium and Strontium cations, impeding crystal growth and subsequent scale formation and deposition.
  • Highly effective in controlling Barium Sulphate and Iron Hydroxide, as well as dispersing colloids and fine particles such as clay.

Mechanism for Action:

  • Solubility enhancement or threshold effect which reduces precipitation of low solubility inorganic salts.
  • Crystal modification which produces crystals which do not adhere well to surfaces.
  • Dispersion activity which prevents precipitated crystals or other inorganic particles from depositing on surfaces.
  • Buffering effect, which minimizes precipitation of inorganic salts and limits corrosion and formation of Iron Oxides.

Product Benefits:

  • Inhibits Carbonate and Sulfate scale formation in wells and pipelines
  • Superior to conventional polymaleic acids, acrylate polymers, and phosphonates
  • Increases water solubility of Carbonate and Sulfate salts
  • Remove/inhibits NORM rich Sulfate scales: BaSO4 and SrSO4

NuFlo® SIC-30    



10.26  lbs/.gal     


1.23 + 0.05 g/cm³     




>93 °C (>200 °F)




1 mPas    





  HIGH Calcium Waters:









Scale Inhibitor may be applied by continuously injecting between 25 to 100 ppm of the product down the annular space of a producing well via sidestream bleeder arrangement, based on the total daily volumes of water produced. Other applications may include continuous injection into a header system upstream of a free-water knock-out or a heater treater, or upstream of a high-pressure pump in saltwater disposal or injection system. Treatment rates should be optimized by closely monitoring scale deposition at control locations.

Batch treatments with NuFlo SIC-30 Scale Inhibitor are successful in producing wells with sufficient annular fluid to act as a chemical reservoir which will provide a slow, continuous feed of inhibitor into the produced fluids. Normally, one or two batch treatments per week are recommended for effective scale control. NuFlo TM Scale Inhibitor is not specifically recommended for use in formation squeeze applications due to its extended solubility.

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

About the Chemistry

NuFlo® SIC-30 overcomes prior problems of other Carbonate and Sulfate scale inhibition chemistries by creating an inexpensive, effective metal Carbonate and Sulfate chelation, dispersion, and crystal modification solution that is incredibly effective at inhibiting metal Carbonate and sulfate scales such as Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium, Strontium, Magnesium and Barium Sulfate.  Using NACE cationic and anionic brines, NuFlo® SIC-30 has a minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) of 25 ppm when used to inhibit Carbonate scales, and a MIC of 100 ppm when used to inhibit sulfate scales.  NuFlo® SIC-30 contains built-in corrosion inhibition additives, as well as Iron control agents which prevent seeding of scales, and interference with the scale crystal modification mechanism.

Carbonate and Sulfate Scale Inhibition - Dynamic Scale Loop Test Results

Results of Dynamic Scale Loop Test for Carbonate Scale Without Scale Inhibitor & With Inhibitor, 25ppm

Results of Dynamic Scale Loop Test for Sulfate Scale Without Scale Inhibitor & With Inhibitor, 100ppm

Using standard NACE cationic and anionic brines specified for Carbonate and Sulfate Scale Inhibitor Testing, a Minimum Inhibitor Concentration (MIC) was established for the NuFlo®  SIC-30.  Tests were run on a 9-foot stainless steel dynamic scale loop with an inner diameter of 0.03 inches, at 4000 psi, 87.8 °C with a flow rate of 10 mls/min.  The anionic/cationic brine combination was found to block the tube (exceeding a pressure differential of 1 psi) within 5 minutes when a control test was run without any inhibitor.  The addition of NuFlo®  SIC-30 at concentrations of 25 and 100 ppm when treating Carbonate brine and sulfate brine, respectively, were found to prevent blocking in excess of 30 minutes, indicating that the NuFlo®  SIC-30 inhibitor passes the criteria for being a successful Carbonate and sulfate scale inhibitor.