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NuFlo® SB80 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

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Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, is a poisonous, corrosive gas that is often present in natural gas. It presents a threat to workers and pipeline systems alike. H2S buildup occurs in roughly 40% of all natural gas wells, and in most cases, the amount of H2S buildup increases as a well gets older.
NuGenTec’s NuFlo® SB80 hydrogen sulfide scavenger uses a highly concentrated, high strength formula coupled with a performance-boosting surfactant package to provide fast, effective, and non-hazardous hydrogen sulfide removal. NuFlo® SB80 improves flow assurance without causing scaling or solids.
The unique formulation of NuFlo® SB80 stimulates intimate contact between its proprietary scavenging molecules and the hydrogen sulfide in the gas at the gas-liquid interface. This chemistry improves the hydrogen sulfide scavenging kinetics, accelerating the scavenging reaction rate across multiple phases (gas, water, and oil) of the production process.

Characteristics & Benefits of NuFlo® SB80 H2S Scavenger

 NuFlo® SB80 is specially formulated to remove H2S without generating solid deposits. This product scavenges at a rate that is independent of pH, permanently tying up H2S and reducing downstream scavenger requirements. NuFlo® SB80 doesn’t form scale, and is designed to react with H2S to form stable, water-soluble products.
  • Most efficient hydrogen sulfide scavenger on the market
  • Does not form scale or solids
  • Non-hazardous, non-flammable
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Temperature stable
  • Permanently ties up H2S
  • pH neutral
  • Non-triazine based

Applications for NuFlo® SB80 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

NuGenTec’s NuFlo® SB80 is ideal for production fluids and is a safe, effective triazine replacement. Common applications include:
  • Downhole injection
  • Injection into produced water or co-produced fluids
  • Systems with potential or concern for scale formations or solids buildup from past triazine treaments
  • Systems with a limited number of injection points

Contact Us for Safe, Non-Hazardous H2S Treatment

NuGenTec are the experts in safe, high performance chemicals, solvents, and treatments for oil and gas production equipment. Contact us today to learn more about NuFlo® SB80 hydrogen sulfide scavenger for natural gas applications.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.