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NuRinse® 275 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Tote

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  • Flash Point F: 70
  • Key ingredient: Ethanol 80% v/v
  • Form: Liquid/Gel


  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.


Bulk 275 Gallon Totes of Liquid and Gel Hand Sanitizer

Available in gel and liquid options, our in-stock hand sanitizer adheres to the WHO guidelines for formulation 1 reagents. Each hand sanitizer we offer uses an ethanol 80% v/v formula and has glycerin added as a mild moisturizer. Our hand sanitizers are also fragrance-free.
NuGenTec has become a leading supplier of hand sanitizer to meet the increasing demands throughout the US during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We offer 275-gallon totes of our effective hand sanitizer for bulk purchase.

  • Meets CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines
  • Ethanol 80% v/v formula, fragarance-free
  • Glycerin added as a moisturizer

NuRinse® Bulk Hand Sanitizer Size Options

Find bulk gel and liquid hand sanitizer in the size you need. We offer several sizes at wholesale prices, including:

Please note our policy regarding price gouging.

Wholesale 275-Gallon Drums of Hand Sanitizer Shipped Fast

Your health and safety are paramount due to the ongoing concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Trust NuGenTec for your bulk hand sanitizer needs. We offer fast shipping and volume discounts when you order bulk hand sanitizer by the pallet. Please contact us today or request a quote for hand sanitizer in 275-gallon totes!