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FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid (12, 12 oz cans/case)

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Part Number: ng-FECA, 6850-01-412-5579
  • Application: Contact cleaner
  • Use As: Aerosol
  • Boiling Point (C): 43
  • VOC: (g/L): 165

New for 2017 - FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is an aerosol non-flammable Contact Cleaner.

FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is a proprietary aerosol solvent blend that is engineered specifically for use as an electrical contact cleaner.


FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is qualified to performance specification MIL-PRF-29608C Class C. It is intended for use on electrical contacts, connectors and switches.  It balances high cleaning performance with excellent material compatibility.


FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid solvent leverages the chemical solvency of the fluid as well as its physical properties such as high density, low surface tension and low viscosity for optimal performance to remove stubborn soils from the contact surface.  It is fast drying and will leave the surface residue free.

User Benefits

NuGenTec FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is ideally balanced to deliver performance, worker safety and desirable environmental properties.

  • Does not contain any ozone depleting chemical (ODC)
  • Fast, residue-free drying
  • No Flashpoint per ASTM D-56
  • High allowable exposure limit (AEL=800 ppm);
  • Chemically stable
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-29608C Class C
  • Excellent materials compatibility with metals, elastomers, plastics & composite electronic assemblies*

* it is recommended that compatibility be tested before final selection is made.

Applications & Directions

FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid aerosol is designed to clean contacts, relays, electronic components and other electrical devices.  

Point spray opening away from face.  The innovative valve design allows it to be sprayed in both an upright and inverted position.  Spray surface to be cleaned until well saturated.  The rapid penetration and evaporation of FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid will remove contaminants in a single application.  Re-apply only if necessary.

Safety & Handling

Please refer to the FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid SDS for a best industrial practices for safe handling and emergency measures.  Be sure to use solvent resistant gloves if skin contact is likely and safety glasses with splash protection.  Dispose of all unused content and used containers in accordance with local, state & federal regulations.

Key Physical Characteristics


NuGenTec FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid

Boiling Point  °C [°F]

43 [109]

Density at 25°C (77°F) g/ml






VOC (g/l)


Solubility in Water


Global Warming Potential


Ozone Depleting Chemical


Dielectric Breakdown

19.5 kV

Packaging & Availability
FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid (Part No. 094-12) is packaged in 12 oz. aerosol cans x 12 cans /case.  NSN = 6850-01-412-5579. It also is available in 6 cans/case (Part No. 094-06). For orders call toll free 800-886-8240 or email:  FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is exclusively sold by Ecolink, P.O. Box 9, Tucker, GA 30084.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.
For further information about FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid and purchasing please contact the office listed below closest to you.  FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid is sold directly by NuGenTec.  

2177 Flintstone Dr, Ste. A
Tucker, GA 30084
800-563-1305 toll-free number
770-621-8240 local number
770-621-8245 fax
FluoSolv® Electric Clean Aid (Aerosol) contact cleaner MIL-PRF-29608C, NSN 6850-01-412-5579.