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  • Primary Application: Bactericide/bacteriostat and fungistat
  • pH: 10.5
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • Foam: no foam
  • NFPA: 2, 1, 0
  • Sizing: 5-gal
  • Type: Anti-bacterial
  • Bug-K (ONYXIDE 200) is a highly active bactericide/bacteriostat and fungistat. It can be used as a preservative in emulsifiable or soluble cutting oils and synthetic chemical coolants. In oil field applications it is useful as a preservative in drillin
  • ONYXIDE 200 is miscible with soft and hard water (400 ppm CaCO3) in all proportions, and with alcohol and acetone in all proportions. ONYXIDE 200 is insoluble in ether, benzene, petroleum and chloroform. ONYXIDE 200 at the recommended use level does not c
  • NFPA: 2, 1, 0
  • Form: Clear amber liquid

ANTIMICROBIALS – Coolant and Sump Bacterial Control. NUGENTEC Bug-K Trade name: ONYXIDE® 200.

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