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AquaKlean H4H

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USDA: A1, A2, A8 - Powerful, low-foaming spray, ultrasonic and soak cleaner.


NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean® H4H is a low foaming, multi-metal cleaner ideal for use in spray, ultrasonic and soak cleaning specifically designed for the food process and meat packing industries.  AquaKlean H4H operates at a mild pH of 10.0.  AquaKlean H4H is a robust, high-performance cleaner able to be used in a wide range of cleaning applications.   AquaKlean H4H has proven to  be the new industry standard cleaning product for all metal process equipment in the food processing industry.  USDA Categories: A1, A2, & A8.

Characteristics of AquaKlean H4H:

AquaKlean® H4H was formulated to provide improved removal of particulates and organics while providing reduced residues, and fast rinsing. AquaKlean H4H remains clear in both concentrate and dilution du