Due to COVID-19, NuGenTec now provides various bulk hand sanitizer options for essential industries and commercial use, with 95% of our orders shipping within 1–3 days. PPE products are coming soon.

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10 Nanofiber Face Masks

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Price Each: $29.90
​In response to COVID-19, NuGenTec carries nanofiber filtered face masks. As personal protective equipment (PPE) against airborne hazards and respiratory viruses, filtered masks provide a hygienic, disposable protective barrier for the wearer. These wholesale masks are ideal for first responders, healthcare personnel, and any business that require face masks to be worn on their premises.

Our inventory of face masks is available for high-volume orders. Mask orders will ship from the US in 1-3 days!

Wholesale Nano Face Masks

Nano filtered face masks are light weight masks that maintain a high efficiency protecting against respiratory droplets and other airborne particles for up to 24 hours of use! The triple structural design was created for comfort.Order Your Filtered Face Masks Today!

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  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.
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