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Paraffin & Asphaltene Treatment

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*NuFlo™ paraffin treatment line is 100% biodegradable*



NuFlo™ Product Line – Production Enhancement Products and Proprietary Formulations NuFlo™ breaks down paraffins and asphaltenes that plague all oil wells, allowing for a well or pipeline to flow at its full potential NuFlo™ acts as a dispersant and rapidly eliminates production-inhibiting deposits that restrict fluid flow.

The NuFlo™ paraffin treatment line is also a viscosity reducer for heavy crude oil and has been formulated to adhere to strict refinery standards for processing Product is a custom-blend of specialty organic solvents and surfactants tailored to the individual oil characteristics of a particular client Unlike most production chemicals that treat “symptoms” and produce weak results, NuFlo™ eliminates the root cause of the problem generating exceptional results.

  • Paraffin and asphaltene clean-up for down hole, flow lines, and storage tanks
  • Heavy oil flow enhancement
  • Increase production for wells and pipelines
  • Recover sludge deposits from tanks
  • Increases equipment life and lower operating costs with a high return on investment




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