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Drilling Mud Additives

NuDrill: Additives for OBM & WBM

  • Shale Control
  • Wellbore stability
  • Torque and Drag reducer
  • Seepage Control
  • Increase ROP
  • Will not sheen

NuMul: OBM emulsifiers

  • Primary emulsifier
  • Secondary emulsifier
  • Oil-wetting agent suitable


Principal Applications:

Seals off depleted zones without excess build up of wall cake
Reduces seepage loss
Cleans oily mud deposits from hard surfaces
Ideal for closed loop cleaning systems that require low foaming detergents
Seals porous and fractured formations
Aides in reducing Torque and Drag
Promotes lubricity in water based drilling fluids
Improves ROP
Reduce capillary attraction between drill pipe and well bore
Mechanical lubricant in all mud systems