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NuFlo™ descalers are a highly concentrated industrial/professional strength scale remover for O&G (Oil and Gas) pipelines, equipment, and tanks. They removes oxides, heat scale, and rust, removes oxidation, promotes efficient operation and reduced power consumption. Does not contain dangerous fluorides. The powerful hydrochloric acid is inhibited to minimize / prevent corrosion on all ferrous metals. A safe and functional replacement for traditional hydrochloric acid treatments and other commonly used oilfield acid treatments is also offered on our product line.

These descalers are safe to use on glass. They dissolve all types of water scale and lime, especially in the oil and gas industry. It also treats aluminum, brass copper, stainless steel. This product is also classified as a degreaser.


  •  Dissolves all types of water scale and lime
  •  Works on aluminum, brass, and copper
  •  Can be used in colder temperatures
  •  Is classified as a degreaser

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

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