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NuSolv AR 2V4

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Part Number: ng-nsar2v4
  • Primary Application: Zero-VOC Adhesive Remover
  • pH: n/a
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • NFPA: 2,3,0

Zero-VOC Adhesive Remover, Non-Toxic

NuGeneration Technologies’ NuSolv AR 2V4 is a non-toxic, zero-VOC mixture of solvents used to remove cured and uncured adhesives, fluxes, pastes, organics, fingerprints and greases from a multitude of surfaces NuSolv AR 2V4 is highly effective at removing the most tenacious adhesives, including cyanoacrylates like Super Glue.

Characteristics: NuSolv AR 2V4 was formulated to be used at ambient temperatures for cold-cleaning applications. NuSolv AR 2V4 contains a mixture of solvents, allowing for effective removal of a wide variety of adhesives, both cured and uncured, fluxes, pastes, organics, fingerprints, and greases. NuSolv AR 2V4 contains no toxic solvents, and no VOC’s making it the intelligent choice for worker safety, and the environment. NuSolv AR 2V4 will not harm part components or surfaces and works through dissolution. NuSolv AR 2V4 is an effective, and cost competitive replacement for. Product Non-toxic mixture of solvents used to remove a variety of adhesives, both cured and uncured. Also removes fluxes, pastes, organics, fingerprints, and greases. Non-Toxic, Zero-VOC Adhesive Remover Benefits NuSolv AR 2V4 Technical Data Sheet.

Directions for Use: NuSolv AR 2V4 is used at 100% concentration, and is effective at ambient temperatures in cold cleaning applications. The parameters can vary due to the type and extent of soils to be removed. NuSolv AR 2V4 can be recycled for continual use.

Physical Properties:

Use concentration (cold-cleaning/immersion) 100% by volume
Bulk Density  7.4 lbs/gal
Operating Temps Ambient
Boiling Point  56 °C
pH, @100%  N/A
VOC (Concentrate)  0 g/L
Flash Point  -10 °C 
Toxic?  No
Corrosive No
Flammable  Yes

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.
NuSolv AR 2V4 Zero-VOC Adhesive Remover, Non-Toxic