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NuRinse LF 1X

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  • Primary Application: Cleaning
  • pH: 10
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • Foam: Low foam
  • NFPA: 1,0,0
  • Sizing: 1-Gal
  • Type: Cleaner
  • NuRinse LF 1X is designed for easy disposal, typically without any neutralization. Safe to use on all surfaces. Removes slurries including colloidal silica, aluminum oxide, & diamond, heavy cleaner residues, salts, particles, fines, water stains, oils etc
  • A Great Spray or tank cleaner for critical components especially aluminum, polymers, glass, printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies, medical devices, aerospace components and process cassettes (caddies).
  • NFPA, 1, 0, 0
  • Form: Colorless liquid

NuRinse LF1X – High purity, mild, low foaming cleaner. Does not contain: Silicates, Phosphates, Chlorides, Caustic, Silicones, Chelates.