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Oakite Inproclean® 1300 Moderately alkaline, low foaming, non-silicated circulation-in-place cleaner for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Part Number: 4401
  • Type: Moderately alkaline, low foaming, non-silicated circulation-in-place cleaner
  • Manufacturer: Chemetall Oakite, Inc.
  • NuGenTec =: AquaKlean 1400
  • Industry: pharmaceutical and food industries

DESCRIPTION Inpro-Clean 1300 is a low-foaming, moderately alkaline, liquid cleanser specifically formulated for circulation-in-place cleaning of process pipe lines and tanks in pharmaceutical and food plants. This product’s special surfactant package make it an excellent cleaner for difficult to remove crams and ointments. Inpro-Clean 1300 can be used for spray washers and agitated tanks. Inpro-Clean 1300 contains ingredients acceptable to the FDA and is authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. 

APPLICATIONS Circulation-in-place cleaning of pipe lines and tanks: 1. Pre-rinse system with fresh water 2. Recirculate a solution of Inpro-Clean 1300 at a concentration of between 1 to 10% by volume at temperatures between 120° to 150°F for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type and the extent of the soil. 3. Flush system with fresh water for 5 to 10 minutes. Spray washers: Inpro-Clean 1300 should be used at a concentration between 1 to 4% by volume at temperatures between 120° and 150°F.

FEATURES & BENEFITS Non-Silicated Eliminates silicate drydown. No Heavy Metals Safer employee handling, facilitates disposal. Effective in Hard Water Minimizes scale and sludge formation Non-Caustic Eliminates caustic burns and drydown and allows easy rinsing. Low-Foaming Suitable for high pressure washers and agitated tanks. Liquid Form Allows for easy automatic dispensing and control. Free Rinsing

CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS Inpro-Clean 1300 is a solution of phosphates, sequestrants and surfactants. pH, as used - 9.5- 10.2 Bulk Density- 10.1 Ib/gal *Safe on most metals except magnesium. Inpro-Clean 1300 may discolor brass and other cuprous alloys. Slight etching on aluminum and zinc alloys may occur at higher temperatures and/or concentrations. Results on aluminum, zinc and cuprous alloy should be verified prior to use. Note 2024 aluminum alloy may etch at a higher rate.

OPERATING PARAMETERS Rate of metal loss from immersion in Oakite Inpro-Clean 1300, 10% by volume, 150°F, (°C), projects for one year is as follows: Metal (alloy) mm/yr in/yr Stainless steel (304) 0.00 0.000 Stainless steel (316) 0.00 0.000 Effect of working solution on metals For operating parameters on aluminum alloys and cuprous alloys please contact your Oakite Technical Sales Representative.

PROCESS CONTROL Concentrations are titrated using either procedures 56 or 125. For Procedure 56 the sample volume is 25 ml. T x 2.9 = % by volume of Oakite Inpro-Clean 1300. For Procedure 125 the sample volume is 2 ml . T x 3.6 = % by volume of Oakite Inpro-Clean 1300.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS See Material Safety Data Sheet

DISPOSAL METHODS Dispose in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

SHIPPING Common carrier, freight classification J - "Cleaning Compound, NOIBN Liquid". Product Code 4401.

STORAGE Not affected by high or low temperatures. Freezing point is 32°F. If freezing occurs, simply thaw and use.

Gardoclean S 5206

Liquid Multi-Metal Alkaline Cleaner
Gardoclean® S 5206 is a liquid, moderately alkaline cleaner for pretreatment and in-process cleaning.
Gardoclean S 5206 has the ability to remove difficult soils such as polishing and buffing compounds,
stencil ink, drawing compounds, oils, greases, and metalworking fluids. It is safe on most metals including
aluminum. Gardoclean S 5206 is free rinsing and its moderate pH reduces alkaline carry-over into
subsequent stages. Gardoclean S 5206 is suitable for both spray and agitated immersion applications
followed. Working baths will typically have a pH below 1