Due to COVID-19, NuGenTec now provides various bulk hand sanitizer options for essential industries and commercial use, with 95% of our orders shipping within 2-days. PPE products are coming soon.  Prices have been reduced on 2-oz, 8-oz, 16-oz, and 1-gallon sizes!

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1 Pallet of NuRinse® 4 x 1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Bottles Price Reduced to $12/gallon

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Part Number: ngt-WHO1-4x1g-p
Price Each: $2,304.00
  • Flash Point F: 70
  • Key ingredient: Ethanol 80% v/v
  • Form: Liquid

In Stock Pallet of 1-Gallon Bottles of Hand Sanitizer, 192 gallons per pallet

Effective one-gallon cases of hand sanitizer available for bulk purchase. Sold by the 4x1 gallon case Pallet, 192 bottles (48 cases) per pallet. Our in-stock supply of hand sanitizer by the gallon adheres to the WHO guidelines for formulation 1 reagents. Our hand sanitizer uses an ethanol 80% v/v formula. Glycerin is added as a mild moisturizer and our hand sanitizers are also fragrance-free. Due to the devastating effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NuGenTec has become a leading supplier of hand sanitizer to meet the increasing demands throughout the US.

  • 4x1 gallon Pallet of hand sanitizer, 192 bottles (48 cases) per pallet 42" wide X 48" Long X 56" High. (NOTE: Not double-stackable*)
  • CDC, FDA, and WHO compliant for hand sanitizer
  • Ethanol 80% v/v formula
  • Glycerin added as a moisturizer
  • Fragrance-free

NuRinse® Bulk Hand Sanitizer Size Options

Available hand sanitizers include:  Please note our policy regarding price gouging.

Contact NuGenTec for Your 1-Gallon Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Today

Your health and safety are paramount due to the ongoing concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Trust NuGenTec for all your bulk hand sanitizer needs. Volume discounts are available for bulk orders by the pallet. Please contact us or request a quote today!

Physical Properties    

NuRinse® Hand Sanitizer

Use concentration
Ethanol 80% v/v (Alcohol)
Bulk Density
7.02 lbs/gal    
pH, Concentrate
Flash Point
21 C  (70 F)
Soluble in water    
Natural Fragrance
Gelling Agent NO*
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.
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* Please note we cannot double stack the Hand Sanitizer Pallets, and it is likely against local fire ordinances to double stack pallets of Hand Sanitizer in warehouses across the USA.

NuRinse® Hand Sanitizer 4x1-gallon box x 48 cases per pallet