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  • Distributor of our FluoSolv _x005F_x000B_line for critical vapor _x005F_x000B_degreasing applications
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For more information on what services are available from our strategic partner, Ecolink:

Ecolink distributes dozens of product lines including NuGenTec's own .

Let us know what you want us to quote and reduce extra phone calls, emails, etc. orders@ecolink.com or 800 886-8240.

  1. Aerosols: Flammable, nonflammable contact cleaners, defluxers, degreasers with high dielectric rating and multi-purpose applications including contact cleaning, degreasing and defluxing
  2. Aqueous-based industrial cleaners and degreasers
  3. Solvent-based industrial cleaners and degreasers
  4. Solvent Substitutions: HCFC-225/AK-225, NPB and TCE
  5. NDI, NDT, NDE (pre/post- NDT cleaners, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, developers, removers, leak testing and emulsifiers)
  6. Surface Preparation, Cleanroom supplies (tack cloths, swabs, pre-saturated wipes & canisters and lint-free, dry wipes)




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