NuGenTec and COVID-19: During this unprecedented COVID-19 event, we are experiencing unusual issues with supply, approval, and shipping. To help combat this crisis, we are giving order priority for shipments to first responders, hospitals, and urgent needs. As of May 13th, 2020, we are typically able to ship within 24 hours to 4 days! Learn more on our COVID-19 page95% of our orders are shipping within 24 hours! And there are NO Returns for Hand Sanitizer unless the product is damaged in transit.

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  • Distributor of our FluoSolv _x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000B_line for critical vapor _x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000B_degreasing applications

For more information on what services are available from our strategic partner, Ecolink. Ecolink distributes dozens of product lines including NuGenTec's own FluoSolv.
  • Aerosols: Flammable, nonflammable contact cleaners, defluxers, degreasers with high dielectric rating and multi-purpose applications including contact cleaning, degreasing and defluxing
  • Aqueous-based industrial cleaners and degreasers
  • Solvent-based industrial cleaners and degreasers
  • Solvent Substitutions: HCFC-225/AK-225, NPB and TCE NDI, NDT, NDE (pre/post- NDT cleaners, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, developers, removers, leak testing and emulsifiers)
  • Surface Preparation: Cleanroom supplies (tack cloths, swabs, pre-saturated wipes & canisters and lint-free, dry wipes
Please contact  Ecolink  at or 800 886-8240 to request a quote for the product you need.


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Local Number: 770-621-8240 
Fax: 770-621-8245