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Cadmium Sulfate, 8/3 Hydrate

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  • NuGenTec =: Cadmium(II) sulfate
  • Form: White Hygroscopic Powder
  • Sizing: 1-Gal
  • CAS #: 7790-84-3
  • Molecular Formula:: CdSO4.8/3H2O
  • Electronics Grade:: Yes
  • CAS #: 7790-84-3
  • Cadmium sulfate is used widely for the electroplating of cadmium in electronic circuits.
  • Citric acid's ability to chelate metals makes it useful in soaps and laundry detergents. By chelating the metals in hard water, it lets these cleaners produce foam and work better without need for water softening.
  • NFPA: 3, 1, 0
  • Form: White hygroscopic powder
Cadmium Sulfate 8/3 Hydrate Reagent Grade ACS Synonym: Cadmium (II) Sulfate Octahydrate.
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