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AquaKlean H4H Multi-Metal Spray, Ultrasonic and Soak Cleaner

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Part Number: ng-aksus
Price Each: $990.00
Total Price: $990.00
  • Primary Application: Brulin 815GD replacement
  • pH: 10.1
  • VOC: (g/L): 6
  • Foam: Low

Powerful, low-foaming spray, ultrasonic and soak cleaner.

NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean® H4H is a low foaming, multi-metal cleaner ideal for use in spray, ultrasonic and soak cleaning.  AquaKlean H4H operates at a mild pH of 10.0, making it highly effective and safe on all metals including soft, amphoteric metals such as Aluminium, Tin, Zinc and their alloys such as Brass and Bronze.  AquaKlean H4H is a robust, high-performance cleaner able to be used in a wide range of cleaning application and is used as a drop-in replacement for Brulin Formula 815GD.

AquaKlean® H4H was formulated to provide improved removal of particulates and organics while providing reduced residues, and fast rinsing.  AquaKlean H4H remains clear in both concentrate and dilution during use, and maintains low foaming tendencies over a wide temperature range, allowing for efficient and powerful cleaning and residue-free, spotless rinsing.  Removes: inks, polishing and buffing compounds, grease, oils, fingerprints, drawing compounds, and metalworking fluids. With built-in flash rust and corrosion inhibition package, AquaKlean H4H provides complete protection in heat treatment, annealing, or storage conditions.
Directions for Use:
AquaKlean® H4H  is effective at ambient temperatures.  However, it is normally used at 1 to 10% by volume of water at 60 °F to 165 °F for 5 seconds to 5 minutes.  The parameters can vary due to the type and extent of soils to be removed. Temperatures may be increased slightly for shorter time cycles.