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AquaKlean NS: Aluminum Safe, Non-Silicated Liquid Multi-Metal Cleaner for Spray and Tank Applications

  • AquaKlean NS in Automated Cleaning line

Part Number: EF105
  • Primary Application: Aluminum Tank Cleaner
  • pH: 11.5
  • VOC: (g/L): 62
  • Foam: moderate
  • NFPA: 1, 0, 0


NuGeneration Technologies’ AquaKlean EF105 is a mildly alkaline liquid cleaner for use in soak tank (ultrasonic) applications. The non-silicated and non-caustic formula will not sludge or form a scale while the mildly alkaline formula allows AquaKlean EF105 to be used as a multi-metal cleaner.
Other acceptable materials include plastics, ceramics and glass. AquaKlean EF105 may be used in solvent replacement tanks with hand brushing applications. The nitrated formula protects against flash rusting and corrosion.


AquaKlean EF105 was formulated to provide improved removal of particulates and organics with reduced residues and fast rinsing. AquaKlean EF105 provides excellent wetting and rinsing properties and is therefore an excellent choice for pre-plate cleaning.

Removes inks, polishing and buffing compounds, grease, oils, fingerprints, drawing compounds, and metalworking fluids.

Directions for Use

AquaKlean EF105 is effective at ambient temperatures. However, it is normally used at 1 – 10% by volume of water at 120 – 165 °F for 5 seconds to 5 minutes. The parameters can vary depending on the type and extent of soils being removed. Temperatures may be increased slightly for shorter time cycles.

Not safe on Magnesium. Test for discoloration on cuprous alloys.

For flash rust protection use at greater than 5% by volume.

Product Benefits

  • Multi-metal spray and tank cleaner and degreaser
  • Built in corrosion (Flash Rust) inhibitors
  • Non-silicated, moderate foam
  • Excellent oil splitting capability for recirculating systems
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.