High Performance Materials (Specialty Chemicals & Polymers)

NuGeneration Technologies, "NuGenTec®" the Specialty Chemical Company! Our mission every day is to provide the most earth friendly products possible.  We devote most of our R&D efforts on Green Chemistries.  Our expanding line of USDA BioPreffered® products for the Oil & Gas Drilling, Production and Refining market is something that we are very proud of:
NuGenTec Celebrates 15 Years of Excellent Service industrial cleaning products
18 Years of Industrial
Specialty Chemistries
  • High Performance Chemistries for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Formulated  Chemistries…custom formulations…inorganic chemicals
  • Chemical Formulation/Distribution: BASF, Rhodia, 3M, Solvay, Pharmco,…
  • Customer Service
In addition to our many proven products, we specialize in industrial cleaning products, commercial cleaning supplies, inorganic chemicals, Green Products, Elastomers, just to name a few.  We serve fortune 100 companies to mom and pop industrial customers with high quality products that we put our name behind at an economical cost together with exceptional service.
We specialize in the following industries: Featured Products:
Woman in Lab with Microscope Industrial Cleaning Products

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"Total Process Integration Through Specialty Formulated Chemistries."

Check out more of our Featured Products that highlight some of our newest, most exciting technologies.

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